D-FantiX Magnetic Mirror Reflective Speed Cube 3x3x3

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cool color speed cube

The latest version of Cyclone Boys, this speed cube incorporates the ideas of a new generation: Electroplating mirror surface cube, higher stability and optimized structure of anti-POP, Feels more texture.

Cool cube and unique color to give a classic a facelift and renew the excitement.

color changing rubix cube

Magnetic Version

This magic cube has hidden magnets inside, which you could turn the layers into the correct position with much higher speed, and good fault-tolerant performance.

High-Quality ABS Materials

Safe, non-toxic, harmless to humans and environment. Waterproof, and no fading, wear-resistant and durable, impact resistance.

rubics cubes boys

Round Cross Design

The position of color pieces is more precise, freely adjustable, and smooth feel, It has the perfect balance between clicky and smooth.

Adjustable Elasticity

The center opening design of the cube, with an internal elasticity adjustment system, and the cube rotation tightness can be set according to your preference.

3 3 rubiks cube

high quality cool rubix cube

Electroplating Rubik's Cube

Electroplating Mirror Design

No Stickers, smooth bright surface, long lasting vivid colors. Mirror design can refract and reflect dazzling colors, making your cube a unique existence.

(Surface easy to produce fingerprints, unavoidable)

Ornaments & Collectibles

The personalized cube is equipped with a display stand and a plastic display box, Absolutely a great puzzle cube for your cube collection.

Perfect Gift Ideas

This classic puzzle game will never go out of style, Birthday Gift/Christmas Gift/New Year Gift for children, friends, family members, beginners and professionals.

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