About D-Fantix

Welcome to D-Fantix, your portal to a world of imagination and discovery! Since our inception in 2014, D-Fantix has been driven by a passionate team of individuals dedicated to crafting exceptional toys for children worldwide. Join us on this journey of wonder and excitement!

Business Information

Company Name in Hong Kong: 

Address: Briuida Shenzhou Building, Guangzhou, China

Date of Establishment: 

Email: Support@D-Fantix.Com

TEL: 18824643166


Brand Concept

With a high-quality supply chain and unwavering passion relentless innovation. D-Fantix is committed to breaking down barriers between people and play. With a user-centered approach, we strive to make the world of toys and learning accessible to all, regardless of age, background, or location.

    At D-Fantix, we are guided by our core values

    1. Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is most important. Our goal is to bring joy to every purchase.

    2. EFFICIENT SHIPPING: We deliver your toys quickly so you can enjoy them right away. Fast shipping is crucial to your satisfaction.

    3. Excellent Service: Our goal is to make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable.

    4. Build Trust: We strive to earn your trust by providing quality toys and maintaining transparency and integrity in all interactions.


    At D-Fantix, our mission is to ignite imaginations and inspire lifelong learning through our innovative and captivating toys. We aim to empower children of all ages to explore, create, and discover endless possibilities, fostering a love for learning and play that lasts a lifetime

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