New Year Holiday

Thank you all for giving D-FantiX Store Full support in 2019. We will celebrate our traditional Festival, on January 17th to January 31th, during this period, all the staff of D-FantiX company is scheduled for a holiday. All orders will be shiped after Feb 01th.

We express sincere apology to you for any inconvenience caused to you. Appreciate your understanding. Looking forward to your support and better cooperation!

D-FantiX Store
January 16, 2020

Your One-Stop Speed Cube Shop

Here at D-FantiX, we strive to only stock the latest and most popular cubes you could hope for.  We work directly with the manufacturer to deliver various good speed cubes at low pricing.  We cut out the middle-man in order to offer exceptional value and provide a 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases.  Shop today to see the D-FantiX difference!

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