Fidget Spinner Cube

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2 IN 1 Fidget Puzzle. Spin and Turn - This is the latest patented fidget puzzle from QY TOYS MoFangGe. It's a spinner yet a 1x3x3 floppy cube.

Exquisite design and perfect structure makes it a must havestress reliever toy. Small and portable. Come with a carry bag, you can take it and play it anytime and anywhere you like.

Perfect circular measure, little fidget puzzle harms no one

Professional spinner antifriction bearing hidden inside the center piece. Design according to human body engineering.

Feels really good when holding it in your hand


Small and portable design. You can hold it by one hand. Turn and spin it anytime and anywhere you like. Just have fun


The fidget is a work of art due to its streamlines design. You can not only spin it, but also the 1x3x3 cube part can be changed to different looks via your miagination.


Material: ABS plastics

Size: 55x55x20mm

Weight: 93.7g

What's in the Box?

1 x Fidget Magic Cube

1 x Storage Bag

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Trowbridge
Bought this for a friend and she LOVES it!

Her words -
"This product is amazing. The spinner part is SMOOTH. Also, the rubix cube part, you don't even need to solve it, it's just another fidget toy. I mean solving it is nice but you don't actually have to solve it. Also, along with being a figet toy, because of the rubix cube, it's basically a mine thing - your brain is getting powerful because of the rubix part. Great buy for the kids. That's all."

I don't know why she worded it the way she did, but this gets the point across. Great purchase for any loved one!

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