D-FantiX Shiny Mirror Reflective Magnetic Speed Cube 3x3x3

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The New Standard in Modern Speed Cube!

D-FantiX 3x3 Mirror Cube six sides is crafted using Innovative electroplating techniques, showcasing vibrant colors that shimmer and illuminate during every twist and turn, can offer a more refined and enjoyable cubing experience to you.

With its unique shiny vibrant metal colors, strong build quality, high performance, and enhanced playability, it outshines its other and cements its place as a must have for speed cube puzzle enthusiasts.

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Magnetic Positioning Distribution

Comparing to the regular 3×3 speed cube, D-FantiX magnetic speed cube has a built-in 48 hidden magnet, distributed based on the structures and contact area of each corner.

Professional and excellent magnetic performance, make each turn goes perfect, providing higher error-tolerant rate, positioning to accelerate the solve steps for you.

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Adjustable Elasticity

The fast smooth speed cube with a center internal elasticity adjustment system, and the magic cube rotation tightness can be set according to your preference, which let you set the tension to an ideal level.

Dual Anti-Sticky Design

The 3x3 maglev speed cube features an anti-pop mechanism to prevent any chance of the cube "popping-out" during turning, enhanced the cube more stable and faster. No stuttering, comfortable hand feel.

Symmetry Locking Design

The easy speed cube features a seamlessly integrated symmetrical design, Each locking pieces is of high strength and clips firmly, resistant to twisting and falling, mitigate the risk of impact-induced damage.

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Ultimate Gifts Idea

This timeless puzzle game will never fall out of favor, great for all ages and capabilities.

Whether for play or display, absolutely a great puzzle cube for your speed cube collection.

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