D-FantiX 2 Pack Double-Side Dry Erase Handwriting Practice

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Magnetic Dry Erase Alphabet Board Set - Package include 2 dry erase board for kids, 2 markers and 2 erasers.  2 sided magnet surface is great to use magnetic letters and numbers to play matching game.  

Red & Blue Color-coded

Helps kids distinguish vowels (red) from consonants (blue), provide preparation for easy learning of spell.

Dry Erase board for kids

Numbered Direction Arrows

Help kids understand how words are constructed, and learn to write letters, numbers, shapes and symbols correctly.

handwriting practice

Easy to Clean

Easy to erase with built-in erasers or a soft moist cloth. For tough stains, clean with mild soap & water.

Alphabet tracing board


Lined Dry erase board with alphabet tracing practice and blank space, for developing kids independent learning ability.

alphabet learning toys

Magnetic Design

Great to use with magnetic letters and numbers, or any other magnets. kids will enjoy their word game time

handwriting without tears


Weight:1.77lb, thickness:0.8in, thin and light for easily carry to travel or any other learning occassions.

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